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VTRAC Robotics

Робот-официант VTRAC Robotics Amy the Delivery Robot

Standing roughly 5 feet tall, Amy provides seamless service as an office and delivery robot. She can hold up to 10kg of weight on her trays, and is equipped with SLAM Tech, making navigation an ease. Perfect for offices, restaurants, and promotional settings, Amy is a robot that will stand out from the crowd!

Main Activities:
✶ Office Delivery Assistance ✶ Guest Greeting through Tablet/Reception ✶ Dish Delivery/Food Ordering ✶ Ad Broadcast ✶ Promotional/Retail Support

Current Colours Available:
✶ White base with light grey finishes ✶ White base with charcoal finishes ✶ White base with blue finishes ✶ Custom Pantone colour finishings available in quantities

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